Welcome to Pacific Legacy Law

Our law practice is devoted to counseling families and individuals in the management and protection of wealth during their lifetime, and in planning the distribution of a lifetime legacy to whom they want, when they want, and the way they want, while controlling costs and minimizing taxes.  In short, we counsel clients on ‘lives and legacies well planned.’

Estate Planning

We assist our clients in preparing individualized and comprehensive estate plan documents, including:

  • living trusts to avoid probate, with disability protections to avoid court conservatorship
  • pour over wills
  • advance health care directives with specific instructions for the initiation and termination of life-sustaining treatment
  • updated beneficiary designations in retirement assets, life insurance policies, and other financial assets and
  • durable powers of attorney to manage non-trust assets.

We also assist clients with estate and gift tax planning issues. 

And we counsel our clients when the troubling issue of conservatorship arises.

Probate & Trust Administration

We also represent clients who are charged with the fiduciary obligation of post-death administration of a living trust, or with probate court administration of the last will for deceased kin. 

Probate & Trust Litigation

When necessary, we vigorously advocate for our clients when disputes arise in trust administration or probate proceedings.  With over thirty years of civil litigation experience, including jury trials and appeals, we focus our efforts on facilitating communication among the parties to achieve resolution as early and efficiently as possible,

Our Goals

Above all else, our practice is devoted to ethical and dedicated client counseling and advocacy at a reasonable cost.  We do not charge any fee for an initial consultation.  We take the time to understand your issues, goals and objectives; and then decide, along with you, the scope of our engagement and a reasonable fee for the services to be provided.  Potential clients are never “pressured” to retain us – and we encourage those in need of counsel to interview more than one attorney before selecting counsel.

For those who already have an estate plan in place, we stand ready to review your documents and to discuss your goals and objectives at no cost to you.  If, upon review, we make recommendations to improve or supplement your plan documents, you may choose to retain our services to make those modifications.