At its core, an estate plan is a set of legal instructions that

  • Provides for you to maintain complete control of your property and assets while you are alive and well
  • Provides advance instruction for your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones during any period of your incapacity, in lieu of conservatorship
  • Provides your advance instructions to your agent and medical caregivers regarding consent to medical treatment and the initiation and termination of life sustaining treatment when incapacitated
  • Provides, either prior to or upon your death, for the distribution of your property to your chosen beneficiaries, with all appropriate safeguards and restrictions you direct
  • Provides for minimizing, or even eliminating, gift and estate tax liability
  • Provides for avoiding the unnecessary cost, delay and attendant publicity of court supervised probate proceedings
  • Provides opportunities for charitable bequests.

Estate Planning for you and your family is a uniquely personal experience, focusing as it does on the hopes, dreams, aspirations and values that you choose to pass on to your children and your children’s children. Our goal is not to simply prepare legal documents. Our goal is to develop a long-term professional relationship with each of our clients, with the hope and expectation that our clients will never hesitate to contact us whenever they have a question about their estate plan, or when life events require modifications, supplementation or administration of the family estate plan. We strive to keep our clients updated with changes in the law and general information that they might find useful in their daily lives, and we encourage our clients to keep us informed as their families grow and blossom.